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Unbundled legal services

Summerfield Law Office offers unbundled legal service because there are many people that cannot afford an attorney to represent them during their entire case. Many times, clients don’t need legal representation throughout the case and so we offer a choice in which legal services you want to pay for. We do this by limiting representation to the matters or issues that you, the client, chooses.

We believe there is a need for unbundled family law services because clients can often perform many tasks in their case, but need legal direction for other aspects. Many family law clients are nervous about appearing in court because they don’t know what to expect. Summerfield Law Office provides advice about court procedures, how to dress, where to park and how to behave and address the judge, and what types of questions you may be asked.

Perhaps your spouse is threatening you with a particular legal action and you are unsure whether or not he or she is quoting the law correctly. In that case, we can perform legal research for you and give you cases and a legal brief so that you can use it while representing yourself. You can also hire us just to attend mediation or a hearing with you.

Unbundling might not work for you if your case is complicated or your spouse is determined to litigate. Additionally, when the parties cannot determine timesharing or disagree about how to split assets and liabilities, you may need to have legal representation throughout your case. However, when you have limited funds and you and your spouse want to minimize your time in court.