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Restraining Orders: Securing Safety and Peace

Restraining Orders: Securing Safety and Peace

Restraining Orders: Securing Safety and Peace

Finding Protection and Peace from AbuseRestraining Orders: Securing Safety and Peace

Domestic violence has dramatically increased since the  COVID-19 pandemic as victims were trapped at home with their abusers. Many feel scared and are powerless to change their situation. But there are legal protections available – restraining orders can compel abusers to keep their distance, allowing victims to find safety.

Feeling Trapped and Afraid

The following is a DRAMATIZATION AND IS NOT AN ACTUAL EVENT: Amanda had been with her boyfriend for 2 years. At first, he was charming and affectionate. But he soon became possessive and controlling. Recently, his verbal abuse escalated to physical violence. Amanda felt afraid and trapped. She relied on him financially and lived in his home. She feared that trying to leave would make the abuse worse. Amanda didn’t know her options for legal protection from abuse through restraining orders.

What Are Restraining Orders?

Restraining orders, also called orders of protection, are legal orders issued by a judge that prohibit certain abusive behaviors. They can order the abuser to stop harming, threatening, stalking, or harassing you. Restraining orders can also compel the abuser to leave a shared home, stay away from your workplace or school, complete domestic abuse counseling, or have no contact with you whatsoever.

Restraining Orders Can Help Reclaim Safety

With an experienced family law attorney’s help, a restraining order can provide immediate protection. It legally compels the abuser to cease their behaviors while allowing you time and space to make longer-term decisions free from fear and intimidation. An order can provide the chance to access counseling, secure alternative housing, arrange child custody if needed, change locks, and enhance security measures. It also allows for preparing further legal action if needed down the road. With the court enforcing compliance with the order, relief, and control can finally be regained.

The following is a DRAMATIZATION AND IS NOT AN ACTUAL EVENT: After her attorney filed for an emergency protection order, Amanda was granted a temporary restraining order requiring her boyfriend to immediately vacate their shared residence and prohibiting any contact. For the first time in years, Amanda felt like she could breathe once he no longer lived with her. At the permanent restraining order hearing, the judge ordered that Amanda’s boyfriend must stay 100 yards away from her at all times. If he violates the order, he faces criminal charges. Amanda finally felt safe and in control of her life again thanks to the court leverage provided by the order.

What Activities Can Be Prohibited

Restraining orders can restrict more than just contact. Depending on your situation, the court may compel your abuser to refrain from a variety of activities impacting your safety and freedom.

Keep Their Distance with Stay Away Orders

If you still encounter your abuser frequently, the judge may order them to keep a specified distance from you at all times. Common distances are 50, 100, or even 500 yards away at your home, workplace, children’s school, or other places you routinely visit. GPS tracking may even be ordered on their devices allowing police monitoring of their proximity to your locations.

Stop Harassing Behavior

In addition to no contact and no violence provisions, restraining orders can specify your abuser must cease all harassing behaviors that intimidate, annoy, or alarm you according to law. This includes offensive gestures, name-calling, stalking online activities, destroying property, delivering unwanted items, and more.

We Can Help Restrict Abuser Access Legally

You do not have to endure abusive behaviors ruining your peace of mind. An experienced family law attorney can pursue court-ordered restrictions on what your abuser can legally do. Contact us today to explore your options for limiting their capacity to harm you further.

Justice provides a path to safety – let us help guide your way.

Why Work With a Family Law Attorney?

Trying to obtain a restraining order without legal guidance can be challenging and emotional. An experienced family law attorney has expertise in assisting domestic violence victims through each step of the process. They provide:

  • Assistance in completing all paperwork thoroughly and accurately
  • Representation at any court hearings guiding you through the proceedings
  • Legal advocacy requesting sufficient protections be included in the order
  • Ongoing support if violations occur in enforcing the order and pursuing further legal remedies

With attorney assistance, the process can move forward efficiently allowing you to regain safety and peace of mind more quickly.

FAQsRestraining Orders: Securing Safety and Peace

1. Who can request a restraining order?

In family and domestic violence cases, restraining orders can protect spouses, ex-spouses, intimate partners, family members, or those who share a child in common if there is harassment, stalking, or abuse.

2. What if the abuser violates the restraining order?

You should immediately contact law enforcement if an abuser violates any term of the restraining order. There are criminal penalties including fines or jail time for violating protective orders.

3. How much does a restraining order cost?

It is free to petition the court for a restraining order. Attorney fees vary but many domestic violence support programs offer free or low-cost legal assistance. Our attorneys craft payment plans for those facing financial constraints.

Take the First Step Towards Protection and Peace

Suffering abuse, fear, and loss of freedom no one deserves. We provide both legal leverage over abusers through court-ordered protection and ongoing empowerment so clients can move forward safely.

Don’t wait any longer – contact us today.  Reclaim your life. There are better days ahead, let us help.

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