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New Year, New Outlook for Your Estate Plan

Estate Planning Attorney Riverview

New Year, New Outlook for Your Estate Plan

Over 50% Haven’t Named a Health Care AgentNew-Year-New-Outlook-for-Your-Estate-Plan

Surprisingly, recent surveys found that over half of adults don’t have basic estate planning documents like a will or health care directive in place. Do you know someone in this situation? Or have you been putting off your own review for years? Don’t become part of this concerning statistic.

The Importance of Naming a Health Care Agent

Critical Role of a Health Care Agent in Your Estate Planning

While many focus on assets in estate planning, designating a healthcare agent is equally critical. This agent makes medical decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to do so, ensuring your healthcare preferences are respected.

Choosing the Right Person for Your Health Care Decisions

Selecting a healthcare agent involves more than just naming a family member. It requires thoughtful consideration of who understands your values and wishes, and who can make tough decisions under pressure.

The Consequences of Not Having a Health Care Agent

Without a designated healthcare agent, decisions about your health could fall to distant relatives or even state-appointed individuals. This might lead to choices that don’t align with your preferences or delay in critical decision-making.

How to Appoint and Empower Your Health Care Agent

Appointing a healthcare agent involves legally documenting your choice and discussing your wishes with them. It’s a straightforward process, but one that carries significant importance for your future well-being.

The following is a DRAMATIZATION AND IS NOT AN ACTUAL EVENT: Consider John, who suffered an unexpected medical emergency. Because he had named his sister as his healthcare agent, she was able to quickly and confidently make decisions that aligned with his wishes, sparing the family additional stress and uncertainty.

Conclusion: Securing Your Health Care Decisions

Don’t leave your healthcare decisions to chance. By naming a healthcare agent, you take a crucial step in ensuring your medical preferences are honored. Schedule your annual legal check-up with us and take control of your healthcare decisions today.

Annual Check-Ups Reflect Life Changes and Give Peace of Mind

Estate plans made years ago may not address new relationships, assets or preferences. Checking-in yearly ensures your heirs and interests are fully protected should the unexpected occur.

Why An Annual Review of Legal Documents Is Essential

A check-up ensures your documents and preferences reflect life changes while handling ongoing legal matters. Key items to review include:


Have beneficiaries changed? Let’s confirm executors.

Financial Powers of Attorney

Name agents and successors to handle finances if incapacitated. Review named agents and successors. Treatment preferences evolve, so revisiting health directives is key. Updating trusts protects all involved.Update executors, beneficiaries, funeral details.

Health Directives

Clarify end-of-life medical wishes should you be unable to communicate

Trusts and Beneficiaries

Modify trusts based on life events and confirm retirement account beneficiaries

The following is a DRAMATIZATION AND IS NOT AN ACTUAL EVENT: A widow updated her trust after a divorce but never changed her IRA beneficiary designation, so the funds wrongly went to her ex-husband after her death.

Handling Ongoing Legal Matters

In addition to documents, use the year-end check-up to:

Review Prenups

Modify alimony expectations or division of property.

Update Custody Agreements

Reflect changes in visitation schedules.

Check Case Status

Verify deadlines, court dates with your attorney.

Handle Legal Matters Already In Progress

Use the check-up to verify your attorney has everything needed to continue representing your best interests in ongoing legal issues. Feeling organized sets you up for the best possible outcome.


1. Do I need an appointment?

A dedicated meeting creates space to thoroughly cover questions.

2. How do I compile all these documents?

We’ll provide handy checklists and guides to easily gather what you need to review.

3. How often should I do a legal check-up?

Annually is best, or whenever a major life event occurs.

4. What documents should I focus on?

At a minimum, review your will, financial power of attorney, health care directive, and any beneficiary designations.

5. Can this substitute for meeting with an attorney?

No – your check-up outlines what legal planning areas need review. Then meet with a lawyer to modify documents accordingly.

Gaining Confidence through Yearly Check-Ups

Knowing exactly where you stand provides comfort. Book your annual review today and we’ll ensure your affairs stay orderly saving you time, money and worry as life unfolds. Don’t become part of the 50% without critical protections in place!

Schedule your annual legal check-up and start the new year with confidence that your documents and preferences accurately reflect your wishes. Contact our office today to book a consultation. Let us assist with your ongoing estate planning needs.

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