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Collaborative Divorce A More Peaceful Approach

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Collaborative Divorce A More Peaceful Approach

Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce can be very stressful and expensive. You’ve no doubt heard about ugly divorces that are played out in Hillsborough County and Pasco County courts and unfortunately relationships are destroyed forever.

While everyone has a right to their “day in court,” fighting it out in the court system may not be your best option. Laurel Ackley, a seasoned divorce attorney, of Summerfield Law Office aims to alleviate some of the stress by outlining your choices.

You can “do it yourself” by utilizing the forms packets that are available on many county websites; however, these packets are often over 100 pages long and can be very confusing. Worse, if you don’t draft a comprehensive agreement or parenting plan, you may end up right back in the court system trying to fix a poorly-written plan.

You can hire an attorney to litigate your divorce case; however, most attorneys will require a retainer of between $5,000-$10,000 and you may be required to hire an attorney because your spouse has hired an attorney. Unfortunately, some Tampa Bay family law attorneys are not very nice people. You’ve probably heard stories about divorce cases that get dragged out for years.

Some Hillsborough County attorneys even advertise that they are sharks and that they’ll make the other person pay, or that they’ll destroy the other party. Sometimes this is done simply to make more money, so the family law attorney can use hearings and paperwork to bury the other side in paper allowing the attorney to make thousands of dollars in legal fees.

It may be hard to believe, but some divorce attorneys fuel their client’s anger simply for their own financial gain.

Summerfield Law Office offers alternatives to such ugliness, such as uncontested divorce or collaborative divorce. Riverview divorce clients often find that an uncontested divorce or a collaborative divorce is healthier for the entire family. In Tampa Bay, collaborative divorce is a holistic process involving attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals.

The collaborative process takes the divorce out of the courts and brings the parties together in a room where they can talk through their legal, financial, emotional and psychological issues.

Collaborative divorces usually result in much happier healthier parties because the spouses and children are provided the time to process the loss of the marriage.

Another choice is to hire Summerfield Law Office to draft your documents and walk you through the process. This inexpensive divorce is appropriate for Hillsborough County and Pasco County divorces where you and your spouse agree on most of the important issues, but don’t have the time to draw up the paperwork.

Single Mom

Additionally, if a Wesley Chapel family-law attorney is involved in drafting your divorce documents, you will most likely end up with a more solid outcome than you will if you try to draw up the documents yourself. After all, it may be worth it to pay money now and have an agreement that will withstand the test of time and keep you out of court at a later date.

That’s where Summerfield Law comes in. Our primary focus is to assist clients who want to have a cheap divorce.

Many don’t believe this is possible. At Summerfield Law Office, we assist our Riverview, New Tampa, & Wesley Chapel family law clients by providing legal guidance and walking you through the process; we even prepare you for your hearings by telling you what to wear, where to park, how to address the judge and generally, what to expect in court.

If you want to the attorney to attend mediation with you, we can assist you with that as well. And if you decide at first that you only want us to draft your documents, but you change your mind later and want an attorney to go to court with you, you can always add on services as you go.

At Summerfield Law Office, we are redefining the legal experience.








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