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You Have Reached the Family Law Offices of Summerfield Law, Riverview & Wesley Chapel, FL

Estate Planning Law Firm

Estate Planning Law Firm

Families can be traditional, single, mixed, or blended, like estates, which come in various sizes and shapes.

Whatever the makeup of your family, Summerfield Law Office can assist.

Summerfield Law Office is a practice that handles estate planning and probate matters. Beyond being competent lawyers, we prioritize family and work to build lasting relationships with our clients. So you can rest easy knowing that we value your family and will be there for them in an emergency.

Summerfield Law offers estate administration, special needs planning, and other services. Additionally, we offer trust attorney services. Revocable living trusts, generational planning, special needs trusts, charity trusts, living wills, and financial and medical powers of attorney are all areas in which we help our clients. In addition, we assist clients in navigating the legal system when a loved one has passed away, whether that involves a formal court proceeding for probate or a private trust administration. To learn how we can assist, get in touch with us today.

Estate Preparation

Customized estate planning that safeguards your most precious possessions

The greatest method to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in trying times is to have a thorough estate plan. By fusing our legal knowledge with a genuine understanding of your needs to safeguard what matters most to you, our objective is to provide you with the well-deserved peace of mind you deserve. Clients receive a unique strategy created in close consultation with them and consider all their needs, wants, and worries.

We Provide wills, revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, retirement trusts, separate property trusts, children’s lifetime trusts, irrevocable trusts, personal property memorandums, funding trusts, advanced directives, HIPAA releases, financial power of attorney, declarations of guardianship for minor children, trust transfer deeds, premarital and marital agreements, trust administration, and probate are all examples of estate planning documents.

lawyer for wills and trusts Testamentary Instrument

Our Estate Planning Method

Our estate planning procedure is one of the things that makes us different from other firms. We offer recommendations based on what will work best for your family by taking the time to get to know you, hear your worries, and understand your needs. This is how our method works. Our objective is to bring your estate plan to a successful conclusion with each conversation we have. We will hold your hand through each stage of the process to ensure it is as simple and pleasant as possible, and you will have a finished product to show for it.

A 30-minute initial consultation kicks off the estate planning procedure. It’s a terrific opportunity for us to get to know one another. You will be required to complete our client worksheet and bring it to your meeting. Your worksheet will be reviewed, and we’ll utilize it to discuss your worries and concerns. Additionally, we will go into great detail about our procedure and client interaction. This is an excellent opportunity to assess whether working together is a good fit for us.

An in-depth discussion of your unique idea is the aim of the design meeting. After your initial appointment, we reserve time on our calendar to create your strategy. We will go over different alternatives for asset distribution, who will handle your finances in the event of your death or incapacity, who will fight for your medical requirements, who will look after your kids, etc. We will present you with various options and offer advice based on your unique scenario. We’ll have a clear blueprint after the meeting that we’ll follow as we prepare your documents.

We will evaluate and sign your documents when we next see you. Then, to ensure the documents match your needs and that you comprehend them, we take the time to review them with you. Then, we’ll give you the original paperwork in a neat binder after they’ve been signed and notarized, along with electronic copies.

We will go over how to coordinate your assets with your estate plan at your signing meeting and provide specific instructions on handling each of your assets, including account titling and beneficiary designations. As you go through the asset alignment process, we are also ready to help. We will ensure that your deeds are accurately documented if you own real estate that needs to be retitled. We will deliver the original deeds to you after they are recorded. After the asset alignment process, we will call you to check that all your assets have been aligned.

When we complete your estate plan, our connection doesn’t come to an end. You must ensure that your estate plan is kept current because the law evolves, and unavoidably, families and assets do too. Unfortunately, all too frequently, an estate plan that was perfectly appropriate when it was formed becomes horribly out of date by the time it is implemented, leading to a plan that fails to function as intended.

In our opinion, the method required to give you the confidence that your plan will function when it’s needed is continuing representation created to ensure that your plan is updated when your family, the law, and your assets change. Of course, you will need estate planning documentation, but you also need a method to ensure the plan is updated so that your family is taken care of when it matters most.

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