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Divorce Attorney

Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce and Marital Dissolution in Family Law

Divorce may be both expensive and highly distressing. While everyone has the right to a “day in court,” going to court may not be your best option. By outlining your choices, the experienced attorneys at Summerfield Law Office might be able to reduce some of the tension, and expense, in those divorces where both sides are not too far apart. While our family law attorneys support Collaborative Divorce, we are also realists and understand that sometimes, your day in court is the best possible path to follow.

Collaborative Divorce

The DIY Divorce forms packets accessible on many county websites allow you to “do it yourself.”  However, tackling 100 pages or more of “legalese” can be overwhelming during times of emotional distress.  

Moreover, should you make a misstep on something critical like creating a parenting plan acceptable to the courts, you can find yourself back in court, literally back at square one.

Engaging a divorce lawyer for an “all-out battle” can involve startup retainers frequently over $10,000.    At times, this makes total sense! As Willie Nelson famously said, “… because it’s worth it….”

At other times, the money it takes to “do battle” in court is better invested in children’s futures, education, or getting re-established. But, when possible, Collaborative Divorce sometimes saves tens of thousands and often keeps the relationship between the kids and their parents and a world of anger.

Sadly, some Hillsborough County lawyers even claim that they are sharks who would either make the other party pay or ruin them in their advertisements, stoking their clients’ resentment for the attorneys’ financial advantage.

Uncontested and collaborative divorce are two choices that Summerfield Law Office provides when appropriate. However, because the marriage can’t be saved, it is not always reason enough that the marital assets built over a lifetime must also be destroyed.

Frequently, an uncontested or collaborative divorce is better for the family. In Tampa Bay, collaborative divorce is a multifaceted procedure that involves lawyers, mental health specialists, and financial experts.

With the help of the collaborative divorce procedure, the parties can discuss their legal, financial, emotional, and psychological difficulties face-to-face and outside the courtroom.

Because the spouses and kids are given time to mourn the end of the marriage, collaborative divorces typically lead to much happier, healthier parties.

Hiring Summerfield Law Office to create your documents and guide you through the procedure is an additional option. This low-cost divorce is suitable for divorces in Pasco and Hillsborough counties, where you and your spouse have reached an amicable agreement on most of the crucial issues but lack time to prepare the necessary papers.


Additionally, you’ll probably have a better outcome using experienced Collaborative Divorce Attorneys than going alone. It just makes sense to invest resources now to establish a contract that will hold up over time and keep you out of court in the future.

Summerfield Law can help with that. Our main goal is to help individuals who desire an affordable divorce.

Many people don’t think that’s conceivable. At Summerfield Law Office, we help our family law clients in Riverview, New Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Lutz by offering legal advice and guiding them through the procedure. We even help you prepare for your hearings by giving instructions on what to wear, where to park, how to address the judge, and what to expect in court in general.

We can also help if you want the lawyer to accompany you to the mediation. Additionally, you may always add on services as you go if you initially determine that you only need us to create your documents but later decide that you also need an attorney to represent you in court.

The legal experience is being redefined at Summerfield Law Office.

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