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Christmas Eve After Divorce and Young Children

Christmas Time Sharing

Christmas Eve After Divorce and Young Children

Christmas Eve, which falls on December 24, is an essential day for families who celebrate the holiday

season and is frequently a crucial element of the visitation calendar for parents.  

Parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers may find it difficult to decide on Christmas Eve

arrangements following a divorce. However, the early Christmas memories of the young children are

often something both parents desire to be a part of.

Coordinating is much simpler when you include a specific Christmas Eve schedule in your parenting plan,

especially if your kids are small. For you to concentrate on the people you love.

Make Your Vacation Schedule Right Away.

Options for Christmas Eve schedule

Any Christmas Eve plans you and the other parent come to that work for your family can be

implemented.  Remember that holiday schedules might need to be adjusted as children get older.

Divide The Day.

Christmas Eve can be split evenly between the parents or following their usual parenting time allocation

(such as 70/30).

The  parent who had custody the night before gets to spend Christmas Eve with the kids.

After that, the kids spend the afternoon and evening with the other parent.

Young children typically get up early, so the morning parent still has plenty of time to connect with the


The Whole Day To One Parent

Depending on each parent’s preferences and festivities, you may grant one parent the whole day. For example, Christmas Day might be exchanged with the other parent.

The kids can spend December 24 with one parent and Christmas Day with the other, if one

parent’s family celebrates Christmas Eve with midnight Mass or presents opening, and the other celebrates Christmas Day.

Spend it Together

Parents can decide to spend the holiday with their families, perhaps eating dinner together or taking the

kids to visit Santa. This arrangement is only advised for parents who could divorce somewhat amicably

and get along well enough to spend time together.

Alternate Each Year

Every year, many parents switch off who has Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve, your kids may spend

the even-numbered years with you and the odd-numbered years with the other parent.

Use The Standard Set Down By The Court.

The court decides during a custody hearing or trial when parents cannot reach a parenting time

agreement. Many courts provide a standard visitation schedule that includes Christmas Eve.

Making A Holiday Visitation Schedule Doesn’t Have To Ruin The Season

When creating a holiday schedule, there are numerous factors to consider. For example, you’ll want it to

consider weekend and midweek holidays, represent unique family celebrations (such as birthdays), and

continue functioning for years to come.

Be considerate first of your children, and next of your ex spouse.  Being reasonable makes these events easier, and opens up new opportunities for each spouse to begin developing their own traditions. 

Of course, if it were that easy to reach an agreement or a compromise, perhaps, there wouldn’t be a need for a time sharing agreement over the holidays after all.  This is when the court order comes into play, and all parties are required to follow the judge’s format, instead of agreeing to their own.

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