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Child Support Attorney

Child Support Attorney

Even though child support payments in Florida are regulated by statute, making an accurate support award calculation can still be challenging.

Our child support attorneys have helped parents obtain, modify, and enforce child support orders throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area.

When dealing with child support, it is imperative to comprehend how Florida’s child support laws apply to your circumstance.

Call our skilled family law attorneys for assistance at (813) 850-0025 if you need to:

  • Seek child support;
  • Ensure that your child support obligation is correctly calculated;
  • Modify or enforce an existing child support order.

How Are Florida Child Support Payments Calculated?

Child support responsibilities are determined by court order in Florida. You and your spouse might be able to agree on a support payment amount if you are going through a divorce.

You might need to appear in court if there are problems with calculating child support (for instance, if your spouse is hiding money). In any scenario, our lawyers will work closely with you to ensure that you receive a fair child support order.

Child support often lasts until the child turns 18 years old. However, it can extend beyond the age of the majority under several different circumstances. The court order granting child support will specify the monthly payment amount.

 If the order covers more than one child, each kid’s support payment amount and end date shall be specified. The parents can agree upon different end dates for child support.

 The court may also grant extended support to children with physical or mental impairments and those still enrolled in high school up until age 19.

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What Are The Rules For Child Support In Florida?

Florida’s child support laws include specific criteria for determining each parent’s financial responsibilities and ensuring the kids are appropriately cared for.

In most cases, Florida Statute 61.30’s child support standards will apply.

However, courts do have the authority to modify child support orders by up to 5%. The decision rests with the courts “after considering all relevant factors.” If an award determined using the guidelines’ methodology “would be unreasonable or inappropriate,” they may order even more significant variances.

 Four primary variables influence the Florida child support rules. Which are:

  • The parents’ earnings
  • Cost of child care
  • Time-sharing and health coverage

How Is Florida Child Support Calculated?

When determining child support awards, the different salaries of the parents play a significant role. Therefore, a parent’s ability to pay and future earning potential, among other things, will determine how much child support they are required to pay.

For this reason, you must ensure that you have as much knowledge as possible regarding your income and your partner’s income. Accurate income information will help you guarantee that you receive a fair support award (or are not compelled to pay excessive child support).

The following elements are included in this:

  • Wages, salaries, and overtime;
  • Bonuses,
  • commissions, and tips
  • disability, Social Security, and workers’ compensation benefits
  • Spousal maintenance from a previous marriage
  • Business revenue from trusts and estates as well as retirement and investment income


When establishing child support, one of the most difficult challenges can sometimes be calculating income. Our lawyers can ensure that you accurately provide the correct information about your financial situation and that your spouse is not withholding payment.

Child Care: Child Support Calculation

The expense of child care for working parents is the next significant consideration in determining child support. The cost of child care will be taken into consideration when determining the parameters, with each parent paying their proportionate share.

Time-Sharing in Child Support Calculation

The allocation of time between the parents will also be taken into consideration when calculating child support. Child support will not always be paid to the parent with the majority of timesharing. Significant overnight sharing (more than 20%) also affects the child support award.

Health Insurance in Child Support Calculation

Health insurance typically ranks as the fourth most important consideration for parents when determining child support. This covers health, dental, and vision coverage. For a fair child support order, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary information.

Call the Summerfield Law Office today to speak with a child support attorney.

At Summerfield Law Office, the child support attorneys have decades of expertise assisting clients with child support matters. As a family law practice, we offer guidance on all issues pertaining to child support, such as child support enforcement, child support modification, and child custody. Call (813) 850-0025 or send us a message right away to schedule a free consultation.

Protect your rights, and your children’s financial security. Ensure your children’s support judgment is just.

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