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Paul Ferreira

Paul Ferreira

A first-generation American, Paul was born and raised in the tight-knit working-class mostly Portuguese neighborhood known as the “Ironbound” in Newark, NJ.

Your work ethic and loyalty to family and friends were what mattered most in the community.

The first to graduate college in his family, Paul majored in Accounting. Not because he loved the subject matter, but because it was the family business. Once accepted to Law School, he thought he would never practice accounting except to balance his checkbook.

After graduating Cardozo School of Law in New York City, Paul started a traditional career as a Prosecutor.

As his experience grew, his supervisors assigned him cases with financial angles because of his “accounting acumen”.

After transitioning to private practice, Paul represented foreign and domestic insurance companies in fraudulent claims investigations. He found he liked the “gotcha” aspect of uncovering deceptive schemes. He also enjoyed learning the details of how businesses in the industries he investigated made money.

Eventually, Paul sat for the Certified Public Accountants exam to better understand financial transactions and follow the money. One of his proudest professional achievements is passing all four parts of the exam in one sitting while engaged in the full-time practice of law.

On September 10, 2001, Paul’s was an attorney/CPA whose practice in the New York metropolitan area focused on complex financial investigations. He was also an officer in the United States Army Reserves.

On 9/11, Paul witnessed the World Trade Center Towers come down from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River and realized his career would soon take a serendipitous detour.

From 2003 to 2017, Paul served 8 non-consecutive years on active duty in support of contingency operations in the Middle East and Africa.

His service includes two combat deployments to Iraq, a deployment to Africa, one combat tour in Afghanistan as a Company Commander, two years on the Joint Chiefs of Staff crafting US policy and strategy for Africa and 18 months with United States Central Command (“USCENTCOM”) working US policy and strategy for Russia and South East Asia.

He recently completed a successful Battalion Command.

Paul served willingly and with a sense of purpose. During this period of service to his country, he met some of the most remarkable Americans and, together, achieved some amazing accomplishments.

After the State of Florida recognized his professional credentials and completing his tour of duty at USCENTCOM, Paul decided to remain and continue the practice of law in Tampa, Florida.

Paul is a servant leader. He loves to help people whether it’s assisting a young entrepreneur kickstart his/her business or a senior couple manage their wealth, it’s about helping people achieve their goals.

Paul is a member of the Hillsborough Bar Association, the Florida Institute of CPAs, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the National Contracting Manager’s Association, the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association, National Defense Industrial Association, and the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

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