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Mindy Budzynski

Mindy Budzynski

Mindy grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended St. Francis Xavier grade school and Catholic Central high school. By fourth grade, she had a reputation among her teachers as having the “gift” of leadership; (i.e. she was bossy and had a big mouth). They suggested that her parents keep her busy so that Mindy could avoid trouble.

Thus began Mindy’s life as an overachiever. She first used her talents to plan class parties and plays. By high school, she volunteered for every organization that existed and usually was an officer or committee chairperson. Before too long, she was running her parents’ insurance agency.

Mindy met her husband, Dennis at a single-parents small group at Calvary Church in 1995. It was difficult getting his attention because other women in the group had their eye on him, but soon, Mindy convinced him that he should teach her to play tennis; they married in 1996.

The Budzynski clan was comprised of Dennis’s three children and Mindy’s two. In 2004, Dennis and Mindy decided, to adopt a sibling group from Guatemala. Their first experience in cold weather was flying to Michigan during a snowstorm Valentine’s Day, 2006. The Budzynski family has had many adventures, but can happily report that none of them resulted in broken bones or trips to the police station.

Mindy’s passion for the law is steeped in her desire for justice. She loves helping injured people, especially senior citizens. She helps seniors who have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall accident, or have a dispute with their insurance company.

Additionally, she helps people with their estate planning. Many people put off their end-of-life planning until it’s too late and then their loved ones are left cleaning up a mess. Imagine what would happen if you died suddenly without a plan. Who knows where you bank, when your bills are due, where you keep your important documents-all of these questions need to be answered when you die. Mindy walks her clients through these important steps to ensure that a comprehensive plan is in place.

Business management is another area where Mindy helps her clients. She knows that running a business can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be exhausting and frightening. Mindy shows small business owners how to use legal and financial tools and insurance products to protect their families and their financial investment.

Mindy is a proud member of the Florida Bar Association, the Hillsborough Association for Women Lawyers, the Riverview Chamber of Commerce, and BNI Roaring Revenue in Riverview. She is also a board member of the Florida Gift of Adoption Chapter. She loves the water and water sports, including water skiing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and most of all-snorkeling. Her burning desire is to go on an African safari with her family.

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